Case Report

Efficiency of Single Dose of Tolvaptan Treatment During the Triphasic Episode After Surgery for Craniopharyngioma


  • Fatih Gürbüz
  • Mehmet Taştan
  • İhsan Turan
  • Bilgin Yüksel

Received Date: 13.07.2018 Accepted Date: 25.09.2018 J Clin Res Pediatr Endocrinol 0;0(0):0-0 [e-Pub] PMID: 30257818

Inappropriate ADH syndrome (SIADH) may develop after intracranial surgery. SIADH in pediatric age is mostly seen in intracranial mass and not only after surgery. The management of these clinical conditions in patients is important for the clinical course of the patient. Fluid restriction is standard therapy in SIADH. Resistant hyponatremic pattern may be encountered in some cases. Vaptans have recently started to be used in hyponatremia due to SIADH. A patient with SIADH of triphasic episode presented to our clinical practice after surgery of craniopharyngioma. Resistant hyponatremia was not resolved despite fluid restriction and hypertonic saline support. The patient responded to single dose of tolvaptan fast and well and thus the clinical condition of the patient was successfully under control. There is inadequate data about tolvaptan treatment in pediatric patients. Our case report will contribute to the literature in this regard.

Keywords: inappropriate ADH syndrome,tolvaptan,children