Original Article

The Role of Irisin, Insulin and Leptin in Maternal and Fetal Interaction


  • Deniz Ökdemir
  • Nihal Hatipoğlu
  • Selim Kurtoğlu
  • Ülkü Gül Siraz
  • Himmet Haluk Akar
  • Sabahattin Muhtaroğlu
  • Mehmet Serdar Kütük

J Clin Res Pediatr Endocrinol 0;0(0):0-0 [e-Pub] PMID: 29809159


İnsulin is an important hormone for intrauterine growth, irisin is also an effective myokine in the regulation of physiological insulin resistance in pregnancy. Leptin and insulin are associated with fetal growth and adiposity. In this study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between irisin, insulin and leptin levels and maternal weight gain, newborn anthropometric measurements.


Eighty-four mothers and newborns were included in the study. Irisin, leptin and insulin levels were measured in the mother and baby cord blood. The anthropometric measurements of the newborn, the final weight of the mother, the weight at the beginning of the pregnancy were recorded.


Birth weight were classified as small for gestational age (SGA), appropriate for gestational age (AGA), and large for gestational age (LGA). There was no difference in irisin between the groups. However, in infants, leptin and insulin levels were significantly changed according to birth weight (p: 0.013, 0.012; respectively). There was a negative correlation between anthropometric measurements of newborns with AGA and irisin levels. This correlation was not observed in SGA and LGA babies. Leptin levels were associated with fetal adiposity.


Although the irisin levels do not differ according to the weight gain during pregnancy and birth weight, it affects infant's measurements in AGA infants and provides normal balance. However, in the later stages of life there is no regulatory effect of irisin on SGA, LGA births, as the frequency of risk factors such as metabolic syndrome increases. These results may lead to the understanding of metabolic disorders that will occur in later life.

Keywords: Irisin, Insulin, Leptin, Fetal Growth, Maternal weight gain